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Dina Rudick is a three-time Emmy Award-winning photographer and videographer who has worked for The Boston Globe for since 2002. During her tenure, the Globe has sent her around the world to cover stories ranging from the tsunami in Southeast Asia to women's health in Haiti to presidential politics nationwide in multiple campaigns.  

In addition to her photo work, Dina helped to lead the Globe photography department's transition to online video. Her initiative proved itself invaluable when she was awarded The Boston Globe's first Emmy Award in 2009. Since then, Dina was awarded two more Emmy Awards in 2012 - for "Outstanding Documentary" and "Outstanding Photographer - No Time Limit." 

Dina has also done extensive documentary work in other countries, including Pakistan, Bolivia and Haiti, and her first documentary, Practice: Change - The Africa Yoga Project Story - has been screened at numerous film festivals across the country and recently earned the 2012 New England Emmy Award for "Oustanding Documentary." 

Dina is an ajunct faculty member teaching photography and video at Boston University and Harvard University, and has been a media consultant and video trainer for the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT and the Wyss Institute at Harvard University. 

In addition to her photo and video pursuits, Dina and her husband, photojournalist Erik Jacobs, run a diversified organic farm, and teach their young son, Wendell, about raising chickens. Dina and Erik write about their dual existence as photographer/farmers on their blog:

In 2015, Quarry Press published Dina's inaugural book, Barnyard Kids: A Family Guide for Raising Animals, which became an immediate top seller on Amazon.  

Dina Rudick